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Vancouver Freelance Web Development   Freelance Web Development Vancouver
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Leona Suprun

Graphical User Interface Design & Web Development, Vancouver

A :  6-1727 William Street
Vancouver, BC
V5L 2R5


  • ActionScript

  • Javascript

  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails)

  • Dojo Toolkit

  • JQuery

  • Java

  • C++

  • MySql

  • PHP

  • ASP

  • XML

  • CSS

  • HTML

  • Perl

  • Shell Scripting


  • Flash

  • Aptana

  • Dreamweaver

  • ImageReady

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign

  • SoundForge

  • Apache Subversion

  • CoolEdit


  • Flash Animation

  • Flash Programming

  • Web Programming

  • Web Development

  • Web Design

  • Illustration

As an interface designer and web developer, my objective is to make a positive impact on clients, co-workers, and end-users with compelling, intuitive websites and interactive components.
  It took many, many months of recruiting and interviewing to find a candidate as outstanding as Leona to fill the position at Leap In, but the wait was entirely worth it.
Leona reported directly to the Technical Director of Leap In. Her work, work attitude, performance and product were all exemplary. Her knowledge base was deep and her self-sufficiency well-developed such that she could be assigned independent projects, requiring only limited reporting to the TD. —  Kevin B. Leslie | President, Leap In Entertainment

> Portfolio Hilites

PHP Web Development & Custom CMS

Coast Spas
April 2010

  • Developed a custom CMS which allows non-tech savvy users to inuitively edit content from the front-end interface.

  •    Features:
    • Custom Ajax for a rapid and responsive data entry UI.
    • Instantly add pages to the menu, generating a default page with editable content.
    • Add editable html template blocks and create new templates for list items.
Flash Web Development

Darford Industries
March 2010
Web Dvevelopment

Pure Furniture Design
April 2008 - Sept 2009
  • Foutine general website maintenance and updates

  • Custom Extensions and updgrades to the SmartPHP CMS

Examples of JavaScript Development

Just Leap In Entertainment
April - December 2008

  • Responsible for dynamic interface development on an expert team

  • Maintained and documented shared code resources with tools such as Subversion and Trac

  • Designed and implemented a custom JavaScript event broadcasting system

  • Developed Custom Rails modules, to integrate with the data through RESTful address pathing

  • Participated in Rails test code coverage and refactoring

Elevator Foundation | Vancouver CMS Web Developemnt

Elevator Foundation
January - March 2008

  • Successfully managed the project, communicationg specifications to remote team members

  • Designed amd implemented a custom Joomla template and data entry interface
  • Iconic graphic design
  • Intregrated custom UI extensions to the Joomla CMS
Vancouver Web Development

Collin Yong, Jazz Musician
December 2007

  • Animated Flash slide show

  • Custom preloaders and Site preloader, which preloads all pages in the site to reduce overall wait times

  • Intelligently streaming Flash MP3 player to showcase the artist's work

Vancouer Web Development

Women's Food & Water Initiative
November 2007

  • Features a secure CMS interface enabling the client to update and post new content instantly
Flash Web Development

Kika Marketing & Communications
November 2007       + Original Intro Animation
  • Features an intro animation executed according to the clients specific vision, and to her great satisfaction
  • Streaming audio playback interface allows user to scroll through sound options while preloading necessary files and minimizing wait time
Vancouver ASP Web Development

Vote McRae, for Centurion Media
October 2007

  • Features an ASP voting application which validates a user login, stores selection, instantly updates the display, and sends an email notification to the administrator
  • Includes complete XML handling scripts so that the client may view and update data
  • Member-only forum, developed from scratch, allows members to make posts without having to login on a third party application
Vancouver PHP Development

Sista'Hood Celebration Festival
November 2006 - March 2007

  • Features PHP scripts which read dynamic content in order to facilitate frequent updates by other member of the organization
  • Illustrated and designed a full suite of promotional print materials including fliers, stickers, posters and event program booklet
  • Created several images and logos as seen on the site
Flash Template Development

Gener8 Creations
October 2006

  • Modified a third party template, saving the client a lot of expense
  • The content is dynamically generated from XML data files
  • Updates and additions were minimized to a very accessible three step process
Flash Media Player

ITC Group of Companies, for Gener8 Creations
October 2006

  • Implemented a video playback interface to be used as part of an online instruction manual for company employees
  • The interface can be passed any list of video files, which it will stream in an intelligent way, managing bandwidth and minimizing wait time
  • Hyperlinks and information content is dynamically loaded from data files and displayed on screen at timed cue points within each video
Flash Streaming Media Player

SouthRidge Ethanol, for Gener8 Creations
September 2006

  • Streaming video playback interface preloads videos in a pre-emptable cycle
  • Hyperlinks enable user to skip to a specific video
ActionScript Development

Cackleberries Entertainment, Ltd.
2005 - 2006

  • Using ActionScript 2.0 in a fully object-oriented capacity, I was responsible for implementing all interactive front-end functionality in this large children's entertainment site
  • Users are able to create a new account, select or generate a character name and set a variety of options, including dressing their own character and decorating their member room
  • Features a robust set of classes which manage the loading and bandwidth, in order to eliminate redundant loading without caching pages between sessions and skipping the latest updates
Flash Animation & Development

Personal Portfolio, Version 1.0
July 2004
  • Features a frame-by-frame animated intro and illustration samples

> Volunteer Work

Mentor, Vancouver School Board Mentorship Program

Vancouver 2007 - 2008

Computer Animation Games

> Education

Langara College
Vancouver 2003 - 2005

Applied Computer Science and Technology

Object Oriented Programming
  • C++
  • Java
Relational Database Design
  • SQL
  • Oracle 9i
Additional Studies
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • Economics

CCT College
Vancouver 2003

Web Design and Publishing

Web Design
  • Custom HTML
  • DreamWeaver
  • Adobe GoLive
  • MS FrontPage
  • CoolEdit
Image Processing
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe ImageReady
  • Corel Draw
Web Programming
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
Upon approval of final specifications, 50% of the final estimated price is required as a deposit for all new customers before commencing development. The required deposit for returning customers is 30%. Development is billed by the hour and minute at $40 per hour. The final product will be restricted to specified features declared in the initial approved product, and will be invoiced to the exact amount spent on labour and no more that 20% over the approved final estimate. Any additional graphical edits or additional features which were not specified in the initial approved document will be billed by the hour and minute at $40/hr. Any maintenance to features that do not work correctly or render as specified by a given design sample will be provided free of charge. Any source code not exposed in the final delivery will be delivered only upon receipt of payment for all related invoices. Source code will be stored indefinitely by Leona Suprun for the client's future reference.

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